Designer, animator and generalist who has had a myriad of projects and clients; from political ads, news packages, promos, show opens and national commercials, to episodic effects, film titles, sports, branding and network packages. As a seasoned vet of production, has a big bag of tricks, a discerning eye, client finesse, and tons of experience working alone or as part of a team. Current tools of choice are 3dsmax, Cinema, Vray, and the Adobe Creative Suite, but has used all sorts of software on many different platforms, including an obscure French real-time graphics machine as a session artist. Originally from Baltimore, but lived and worked in Los Angeles for 12 years. In 2004, relocated back to Baltimore and has worked as an off-site contractor since. In addition to motion graphics, has been interested in projection mapping and environmental experiences. Currently available for full-time and contract work, or any conversation about any project.